Howl's Moving Castle
As part of my elective class at SAE QANTM, Sydney for my Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design), we were required to create a 30-60 second title sequence.
"This assignment allows you to demonstrate your ability to see a project from
concept stage to completion. 
Create a title sequence for a film/animation of your choice based on concept
and digital storyboard presented in Assessment 1 & 2.
This assignment allows you to demonstrate the visual design and motion
graphic techniques that have acquired using Adobe After Effects. The title
sequence needs to form a coherent narrative and reflect the contents of the film
you are designing for." SAE QANTM.
Final Mark: High Distinction
"Well-done Bridget. You’ve created an imaginative, visually consistent, title sequence that captures the spirit of your chosen film. 
The colour palette, choice of font, music and animation style are all examples of this. 
You’ve also constructed a fairly clear narrative using key images from the film story."
Comment from the teacher, Liron Gilmore

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