The Tech Room (TTR) is a small business in Everton Park focusing on home & business IT services.
TTR was needing new driveway signage as the current was fading, business cards, and website. Client was open to new styles for a refresh.
After a meeting with the client I was able to take away the main services that his customers use the most from him. I found doing the business cards first helped capture the most important services of TTR.
The driveway signage was the next part to tackle and the most important for the client. It must be visible and clear for passing cars. His office is conveniently located on a busy main road, so it was free 24/7 advertising.
Next deliverable to tackle was the website. After meetings with the client to determine what would be the best information architecture for their customers, I took a template from Divi, and updated the copy.
The goal here was to make it more user-friendly, and user-focused. This meant restructuring the information architecture and putting content into small, easy to read snippets that could relate to a customers needs. 
I was able to deliver within the clients budget and within the agreed timeframe. 
Business cards, fence signage, office door signage
Favicons, facebook pack (logo, cover photo), website
Refreshed logo & Brand guidelines

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