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These school templates are fun projects to work on. Boylen is the agency who manages the contracts for the catholic schools in South Australia, and it's part of our collective job to update the websites for them. A lot of the schools are still running on very old HTML desktop-only templates. So we're working through them to bring them into the mobile era!
The solution we use is to create a templated design, that reuses common components and take each schools brand (font, colours) and incorporate them into the templates. 
After collecting and analysing user experience resources (Hotjar heatmaps, Google Analytics for page rankings), as well with direction from the Project Manager who had direct contact with the clients needs, I structured the homepages in a way that's most desirable to the users. 
For example, Murray Bridge High School had "Events" and "News" as their central focal points to update their extensive user base on current events, where as Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish School, had "Testimonials" and "Enrolments" to increase student enrolments.
It's an ongoing project.
Homepage of Murray Bridge High School
Homepage design
Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish School
Invision Prototype Links:
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