Mood:Food is a student project by myself & Sophie that showcases recipes from a fresh perspective. It encourages decision-making in the kitchen to revolve around the users current mood.
What was the purpose of this...?
Mood:Food was my major work for my Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) for SAE Creative Media Institute.
Tools (Adobe Creative Cloud)
Adobe Illustrator
Used for logo creation, bunting, and graphic assets
Adobe InDesign
Used for putting together the pages of the book, little books, business cards & flyers. Most print material was finalised here.
Adobe Photoshop
Used for touching up photos of the food (took 3 weekends of cooking and photo shooting to get all the recipes captured).
I’ve always loved Sophie’s cooking, there was never any leftovers. I wanted to immortalise it in a book that we can share to our friends and families.
This project was more for us than to fulfil an assessment requirement. 
The project starts with two types of cook books featuring over 25 recipes from Sophie’s cooking adventures. Both have the same content, one is a hard cover and the other is a soft cover. This was a pricing decision - as hard cover is more expensive and soft cover would be more affordable. 
Additionally to the project, there is also five Little Books with their own unique mood styling. They feature a single recipe from each mood section.
Bridget Behan - Graphic Designer
One of the biggest challenges I faced was having to eat the food after photographing it. It was a rough couple of weekends, but we pulled through, gained a few kilos and also enjoyed what we did. I had the idea of wanting to make a book for Sophie, and it was Sophie who was able to supply me with the content and share her secret recipes with me, and now to the public (The brownies are the best... don't look at how much butter there is ;))  
Through this project I became very familiar with InDesign, sourced some self-publishing companies to get it out there (book is available on Blurb), production, documentation and website. 
Sophie Dixon - Cooking Talent
Sophie has worked hard throughout the project to provide the best recipes and food that coincides with peoples moods. Constantly on the ball, multi-tasking with at least 3 meals being prepped in the kitchen while I'm behind the scenes taking photos of her amazing creations. She is now one of my closest friends, and everytime I cook something from the book it brings back happy memories.
Front and back
Project laid out for the public exhibition night
One page flyer with description on the project
Stamp made to stamp napkins
Little books that feature one recipe from the books categories - a perfect take-home piece
Business cards in varying styles
Posters advertising where to find the exhibit inside the campus, on A3
Take a peek at the style guide below to see more (social media example posts, full list of photography shots).

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