Lead designer
During my time with Workingmouse I was one of the lead designers in a mental health app called YourHealth+ that connected healthcare professionals with mental health patients. They had a library of content the users could engage with, and we came up with the idea of having a playlist (much like Spotify or other music streaming apps) but with a twist: the healthcare professional can recommend courses to “play”, or the user can choose to skip, or “play later” and engage with other courses they might want to interact with. 
YourHealth+ is a scalable white-label mobile native and web-based application that connects Clinicians to their patients data. Think of it as a mood tracker and a program playlist. 
Project methodology
The project happened with two builds. The first one used a Kanban methodology to get an app to market as quickly as possible. The second used a more traditional Agile approach where workloads will be done in periodic builds.  
Discovery workshops were run in the beginning with key stakeholders to discover the scope of work. 
Playlist functionality
During our user interviews we found patients weren't engaging with the library content during the first build. A pivot decision was made to ensure the most fluid and easy user experience for a second build. Taking inspiration from music apps, a playlist concept was introduced. It will always be persistent on the phone so the patient can always refer back to their material and tools to help them during their journey. 
Before the playlist can build a recommended algorithm, we opted to have a short (2min) onboarding journey for the user. This will assist them in prefilling their goals so that the library content can be meaningful to them. Clinicians will also be able to access their patients data to track their journey.
User groups
There were 3 user groups that were considered and focused on. 
Patient - the end user. Engaging with app.
Clinician - the professional support. Able to feed course content to their patients and review their progress. 
Admin - Managing and updating content for the app. 

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