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Investec offers specialist banking, wealth and investment, asset management and property services. This encompasses financial planning services for private clients as well as its own range of funds and savings accounts.
Click & Invest approached GBST looking for a solution for a user-centred approach to their public website, onboarding process and the user post-login displays. As part of a 3 person (junior - me, senior & mid-weight) design team, it was our job to creatively find a solution that worked across multiple display sizes. For this project, GBST only handled the design phase, and the development phase was handled by an external company.

The public website was built by utilising pre-built components to save time and money.

Public website
To tackle the website, we took on a modular approach where we had sections of components already drawn up while we waited for the website content to be sent through. This allowed us to save time and cost for our client.

The onboarding experience was built with the user in mind. By placing extra information panels and tool tips, we were able to reduce the confusion that the use may experience as they go through the onboarding experience.

One issue Click & Invest was facing was the onboarding process wasn't as strong as it could be. To counter this, we designed a stepped process that had as much transparency as possible for the user, so they weren't lost and had the ability to call the centre should they get stuck along the way. 
I worked closely with a mid-weight designer who was based in London, working away at components (e.g. pagination dots on the bottom of the questionnaire), updating styles to match the shopfront experience, and making changes that come in last minute. 
Experience I took from this was collaborating with another designer long-distance, the extent of what an onboarding process can look like for users looking to invest, and accessibility wise - orange is not a great button colour (we ended up changing it to red). 

Investec Click & Invest tools: I assisted the main designer in updating the interfaces, and creating responsive sizes (tablet, mobile)

Tools and calculators
One of our products at GBST is supplying calculators. These are great tools to help our clients users see the potential their investments can make in the market, or the strength in investing and accumulation over time. Our calculators are highly customisable so it was a matter of reskinning them to fit nicely into the websites visual design and create responsive versions (tablet and phone). 

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