Bell Equity Lever is an investment solution that allows SMSFs and individual investors to leverage to build an enhanced, low-cost, diversified and potentially tax-efficient equities portfolio. 
Bell Equity Lever gives you full access to dividends, potential capital growth and franking credits (subject to individual circumstances), as well as control and flexibility over the degree of leverage.” (source: Bell Potter)
Bell Potter approached GBST requiring a dashboard that was scalable for multiple financial products, and accessible by different types of users (participant, advisor and superuser). The budget was tight with low design time allocated. This gave GBST the opportunity to try the new GEL (Global Experience Language… Like bootstrap but full-stack) in a small, contained project.

Proposed dashboard

Original dashboard (supplied)

The users that were being imported were familiar with an existing system, so it was important we kept the same terminology and user flows for the new dashboard.
Working from the spec document created by our BA, I constructed a constrained 942px dashboard to ensure the most important columns were visible in tablet viewing. It was unlikely the user would use this portal in mobile, but responsive considerations were in place, just not required in the spec document (tight budget).
After analysing the user flows from 3 different users (participant, advisor and superuser) in a video, I pieced together the wireframes from login, to financial product management.
The participant is the everyday user. They can have multiple financial products they can view (GEI – Geared Equities Investment and EL – Equity Lever Facility). Users also can place instructions (buy/sell).
The advisor can act as a participant, and perform tasks on their behalf. An advisor can have multiple participants.
The surperuser can manage accounts (delete, reset passwords), and act as an advisor.  
It’s live and real! See for yourself

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